Sunstrip Africa Safaris is a premier safari operator in Kenya, located in Kenya, and partnering with you for all your tours in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Sunstrip Africa Safaris, mainly focuses on creating personalized custom made private tours, focusing specifically on our clients : interests, preferences and budget. We offer several  types of safaris which include: birdwatching, photographic, wildlife, mountaineering and wildlife safaris.

Our guides are well qualified and have extensive knowledge of wildlife, nature, birdlife and culture. Depending with our clients interests we match them with the best suitable guides.


Your travel satisfaction is our duty.

Quality at the best price is our mission and objective

Quality in the itinerary , human quality, hotels quality and meals.



You can choose our safari vans or 4 x 4 jeeps for your safari. Our vehicles are well maintained and comfortable where everyone in the safari is guaranteed a window seat.



Our guides are well literate on the foreign languages.

Our tours can be in different languages from English like: French, Spanish

We are represented at www.safaribookings.com